An environmentally-friendly refrigerant

The commonly used refrigerants in air conditioning system contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depletion, consequently putting our environment at stake.
At Panasonic, we are committed to healthier lifestyles and to reducing our environmental footprint. That's why our air conditioners have been increasingly adopting the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.
R32 refrigerant represents innovation in every way. It is an excellent heat transfer medium which leads to greater energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. R32 refrigerant also has low global warming potential, hence it's friendlier to the environment.

Wifi Connector

On The Outside

All side discharge R32 outdoor units

Panasonic's new range of outdoor units feature intuitive technology and thoughtful engineering. The two innovative ranges of R32 units, both Deluxe and Compact, feature energy and space saving technologies, permitting installation in even the tightest and demanding conditions.


Next Generation Refrigerant

R32, an innovative refrigerant: it is easy to install, and compared to most other refrigerants it has a much lower environmental impact and saves energy.

  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP): 75% less impact on global warming vs R410A
  • Energy Efficient: Higher energy efficiency than R410A
  • Easy Installation: This refrigerant is 100% pure which makes it easier to recycle and reuse.